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February 2021: Week 3

This week's Top Page is dedicated to B: The Beginning Succession, the highly anticipated second season of the supernatural thriller created by Kazuto Nakazawa, coming March 18 on Netflix.

Hiro Kaburagi's series Great Pretender received a nomination for Best Direction - TV/Media category at the 48th Annual Annie Awards. Learn more about it here.

Read more about B: The Beginning Succession here.

B: The Beginning Season 1 Ultimate Edition Blu-ray box is available in UK, Ireland and North America. Learn more about it here.

The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack of B: The Beginning Season 1, composed by Yoshihiro Ike, is now available worldwide on double CD and in digital form. Learn more about it here.

Discover more about B: The Beginning and watch the trailer here.

Discover more about Hiro Kaburagi's Netflix Original series Great Pretender here.

Vertical content app Anime Beans available worldwide, English subtitles on select titles. Check the details here.

Ghost in the Shell: The Movie Virtual Reality Diver app is now available in English on smartphones worldwide. Learn more about it here.