Li'l Spider Girl

Li'l Spider Girl (original title: Wasurenagumo) is one of the four segments from Anime Mirai ("the future of animation"), a collective project created by four Japanese animation studios selected by the Japan Animation Creators Association (JAniCA) under the patronage of Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs for the purpose of training young animators on-the-job. Anime Mirai debuted theatrically on March 24th, 2012.

Everything started from an old book telling the story of an expert yin-yang master who defeated a giant spider in ancient times. Antique book dealer Amane Suzuri, who is trying to sell the book in order to pay the rent, would have never imagined that after reading this story to Mizuki, the building owner's young granddaughter, he could find himself face-to-face with a scared, twenty-centimeter-tall, eight-legged baby arachnid girl. And she's the sweetest thing in the world... or not?

About the director: Toshihisa Kaiya
Born on June 1, 1967, Toshihisa Kaiya joined studio Asia-Do as an inbetweener in 1986. He debuted as a key animator for the TV series Moeru! Oniisan (1988). After becoming a freelancer he worked in the feature films Jin-Roh (2000, key animator) and Mind Game (2004, key animator). In 2005 he contributed character designs for the TV series IGPX, an international co-production between Production I.G and Cartoon Network. In 2009 he was key animation supervisor for the feature film, Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike. Recent credits include, animation supervisor in Haikyu!! (2014) and director of episode 2 in FLCL Progressive (2018). Li'l Spider Girl (original title: Wasurenagumo, 2012) marks Kaiya's directorial debut. He likes Japanese ghost stories and especially worships Junji Inagawa, an actor famous for his ghost storytelling.

Release in Japan: March 24, 2012
Format: 1 x 24'

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