Usagi Drop

Based on the popular comic books by Yumi Unita and aired in the noitaminA block, Usagi Drop marks the directorial debut in a TV series by Kanta Kamei (Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike).

30-year-old bachelor Daikichi encounters 6-year-old little girl Rin at his grandfather funeral. Daikichi doesn't recall to have ever heard of Rin in the family records, and with good reason: the girl is his grandfather illegitimate child! The family members pretend to have a serious discussion over who will get custody of Rin, all the while trying to fob her off on each other. Unable to let this pass, Daikichi impulsively declares that he will adopt the child. Daikichi has a strong sense of justice, but he's a blunderer, while little Rin has a very strong mind despite her age. And so starts their life together, on a road that promises to be bumpy like no other...

Air date in Japan: July 7 ~ September 15, 2011
Format: 11 x 30'

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