Kimi ni Todoke:
From Me to You

TV anime adaptation of the award-winning shojo manga Kimi ni Todoke, created by Karuho Shiina and published on Bessatsu Margaret magazine (Shueisha). The original comic, started in 2005, has sold more than 10 million copies in Japan alone (as of January 2010).
The series marks the second directorial effort of Hiro Kaburagi, episode director in Le Chevalier D'Eon, Welcome to the NHK.

Sawako Kuronuma has long dark hair that gives her a kind of somber look. For this reason, her classmates have nicknamed her "Sadako," after the character of a popular horror movie series, and avoid her to the point that she's rumored she can see ghosts and curse people. But when her idol, popular boy Shota Kazehaya, begins taking with her, everything changes. Kazehaya goes out of his way to help Sawako fit in, and because of him she is able to take place in the pre-summer vacation dare.

As the second term starts, the class new seating arrangements give Sawako the opportunity to befriend with classmates Ayane Yano, Chizuru Yoshida and Ryu Sanada. Ayane and Chizuru gradually learn that Sawako, contrary to her appearance, is full of positivity and always willing to help others.

Rumors are started that Sawako is just using Ayane and Chizuru, but this only makes the girls realize the importance of each other, and strengthens their bond of friendship. At the same time Sawako realizes that she has special feelings for Kazehaya, Is it because he goes out of his way to be kind to her, or is it a sign of..?

Air date in Japan: October 6, 2009 ~ March 30, 2010
Format: 25 x 30'

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