I.G adapts Natsuhiko Kyogoku best-selling novel Loups=Garous into a theatrical feature film.

Production I.G has adapted into animation Natsuhiko Kyogoku's best-selling novel Loups-Garous, originally published in Japan in 2001. World-hit TV series Blood+ helmer Junichi Fujisaku directs the movie, and the all-girls rock band SCANDAL contribute the music and are effective part of the story concept.
Loups=Garous will be released theatrically in Japan from August 28, 2010.

In a near future, the world's population has decreased dramatically due to a deadly virus that terrorized the whole planet. Now people eat only synthetic food and tend to avoid as much as possible any form of physical connection or "real contact" with living creatures. Real shops have disappeared from the streets, and with the exception of the community centres (what were once called schools), people communicate with each others exclusively online. But even in this tightly controlled and systematized society, there is a group of young girls who actively pursued real contact. And when a string of brutal murders emerges, their challenge to this closed world is just about to begin.

About Natsuhiko Kyogoku
Born in Otaru, Hokkaido in 1963, Natsuhiko Kyogoku is a best-selling mystery novelist who debuted in 1994 with Ubume no Natsu (Summer of the Ubume), a more than 800 page-thick instant hit that was followed the next year by Moryo no Hako (The Moryo's Box, 1995). His stories frequently deal with fantastic creatures in Japanese folklore, used as metaphors of human behavior. Kyogoku's works have often been adapted into TV dramas, live-action movies and animated series. In 2004 he was awarded the prestigious Naoki Prize for literature.
Loups=Garous - Kihi subeki Okami (Loups=Garous: Wolves to be Repelled) is a suspense novel published in Japan in 2001. The story incorporates ideas submitted by readers of the magazines Animage and Chara, who where asked to send their image of a possible near future. The novel has sold 130,000 copies so far.

Formed in 2006, SCANDAL is a Japanese rock band from Osaka, composed of four girls, Haruna, Tomomi, Mami, and Rina, all of them high school students at the time. They are hugely popular among animation fans as their song Shojo S (June 2009) became the tenth opening theme for the TV series Bleach. The song ranked #6 in the Oricon chart. SCANDAL proved their international potentials with a tour in the United States in March 2008.

About Junichi Fujisaku
Born on August 6, 1967. Director, scriptwriter, game designer and novelist. He joined Production I.G as Game Production Department Chief Director, but soon became one of Team Oshii's core members. With Kenji Kamiyama, he participated to the creation of the theatrical feature Blood: The Last Vampire (2000). The girl in sailor suit fighting monsters with a Japanese sword was in fact Fujisaku's idea. For the Blood franchise he also directed the game version and wrote the novelization. He later gave his valuable contribution to the expansion of the Ghost in the Shell world, writing the scripts for many episodes of the Stand Alone Complex series, producing and directing the game version for PS2, and writing three related novels. In 2005 he debuted as TV series director with Blood+. Latest credits include the mobile manga XX and TV series Real Drive and Erin, the Beast Player as story supervisor.

Main Staff
Original Story: Natsuhiko Kyogoku / Director: Junichi Fujisaku (Blood+ director, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. series main scriptwriter) / Character Design Concept: Chizu Hashii (Blood+ character designer) / Character Design and Key Animation Supervisor: Akiharu Ishii (Blood+ chief key animation supervisor) / Songs: SCANDAL / Music: MSJ Sound (with ms-jacky) & Yuya Saito (Sound Drive), Jiro Miyanaga, Keita Kawaguchi / Animation Production: Production I.G and Trans Arts

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Release Date in Japan: August 28, 2010
Format: 1 x 99'

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