World Destruction

In a world surrounded by "Sand Sea," literally a sea of sand.
Four continents representing the four seasons float in this sea.
Here, the tribes of beastmen rules over the humans.

Kyrie is a young man who works at a restaurant in a small port town floating in the Sand Sea. "Who cares when or how the world ends," Kyrie muttered to himself when he saw an arrest warrant of an organization called the World Destruction Committee, which had been stirring a lot of talk lately. He had accepted life as it came.

One day, a human girl named Morte arrives in Kyrie's town. She is on the run, because she is no less than one of the members of the infamous World Destruction Committee. Morte holds a secret treasure, the Destruct Code, in her possession. This code had the power to destruct the world.
After their encounter, Kyrie and Morte decide to work together. They are then joined unexpectedly by the cool and tough Toppy, a brave beastman from the Little Bear Tribe. The trio set out on a journey to destruct the world.

The trio is followed by Nadja and Li·A from the World Relief Committee, and also by Agan, who delivers anything without fail as long as he's adequately compensated. During their journey, they will meet various humans and beastmen along the way.

What destiny awaits the world comprised of two races?
Is it destruction or relief?

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Air date in Japan: July 7, 2008 ~ September 29, 2008
Format: 13 x 30'

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