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SoftBank Mobile Corp., WiZ Co., Ltd, Production I.G, Inc., OLM, Inc. and Asatsu-DK Inc have joined forces into Buddy Mobile LLP, to produce the VFX live action TV series Phone Braver 7 (original Japanese title: Keitai Sosakan 7). The show premiered in Japan on April 2, 2008 at 7:00pm on TV Tokyo.

The original story has been developed by WiZ, the company behind the hit Tamagotchi, and Production I.G, the world-famous animation studio. I.G's team of scriptwriters, including Junichi Fujisaku (Blood+, Real Drive) and Yoshiki Sakurai (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series) will contribute the scripts. OLM is in charge of 3D effects. SoftBank Mobile Corporation of Japan is marketing a new mobile phone series that resembles the Phone Bravers from the drama.

Phone Braver 7 is Production I.G's first participation to a live action production, contributing the original work, scriptwriting and financing.

As the technology of communication tools constantly advanced, the mobile phones began to take up the role of navigating the everyday lives of people. Certainly the time will come when innovative mobile phones will instantly start to download and provide information that the user of the phone requires.

By then, the phone would support the owner daily as if it has its own mind. Phone Braver 7 illustrates human society in the very near future - " the future that is tomorrow" - when we face the ever changing reality and the deep darkness that grows behind its shadow.

The main theme of this drama is how people and the network exist in the information society. The organization called Under Anchor challenges the cybercrimes that undermine the society. Keita, a senior high school student, gets involved in the conflict and learns life lessons along the way. His "buddy" mobile phone, Phone Braver 7, helps and guides Keita. The director of the series is Takashi Miike. World renowned directors including Mamoru Oshii and Shusuke Kaneko will join him to add to the excitement.

Senior High School student Keita Amishima (Masayuki Kubota) has just moved to town. However, he can't quite socialize at school, and his attitude does not help. Even when somebody approaches him in a friendly way, Keita just bluntly reply, "Whatever" or "Don't care." Distressed with this situation, Keita eventually decides to run away from home. But as he puts his plan into action, he gets involved into an incident with a machine gone out of control in a construction site. As Keita tries to run away from the crazy machine, a man appears. His name is Takimoto (Kanji Tsuda). And to Keita's greatest surprise, the man is accompanied by a mobile phone, that is walking on his side...

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