Introduction: The YaruDora Series
YaruDora is a type of full 2D animation and full dialogued multi-scenario and multi-ending role-playing game series designed for the Sony PlayStation, and it has become a huge hit in the game and anime industry in Japan since 1998. Each game is set in a different season, but the series shares just one identical theme - to save a girl with amnesia. The title is a contraction between the Japanese words "yaru" and "drama" (spelled dorama in Japanese), standing for "performing a drama" rather than simply watching it.
The series has been re-issued in July 2005 for PSP.

Story: Sampaguita
Autumn. One rainy autumn evening, I was walking back home from a drinking party. I bump into a girl sitting in the rain, completely drenched in water. I notice a cut on her forehead - bleeding. I take her home with me. Her name is Maria, and she is from somewhere in the South East Asia, but she does not remember her identity. I search through her bag and find a photo, some cash, make-up set...and a hand gun....

Release in Japan: October 15, 1998
System: PlayStation, PSP® PlayStation Portable

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