The war never stops: in a different time, on a different battlefield, hiding deeply into the folds of History... They are called Chiroptera. They can change their form and disguise as human beings, but they are not. They are immortal creatures that feed off blood.

An organization, named Red Shield, has being fighting to exterminate this pestilence, and the struggle has now evolved into something of a much bigger scale.

Okinawa, Japan. Year 2005. Now.
Saya Otonashi is a high-school girl living peacefully with her family... with one exception: she has no memory of her life except for the past year. One day, a startling event causes her happy life to shatter into pieces.

An enemy to destroy, a mission to accomplish... the vortex of an ancient struggle is dragging Saya back to her destiny. A young and handsome cello player in dark clothes appears... his name is Hagi. The moment he hands Saya a Japanese sword, History starts a new course.

Will Saya be able to restore her memory, and find her own identity?


Saya Otonashi
A high-school girl and a member of a track and field club, she lives peacefully with her family in Okinawa. However, she cannot recall anything of her past except for the previous year. Yet, she is unaware of the upcoming threat of fate waiting at the doorstep.

A tall and impeccably handsome cello player, who seems to know Saya from before, but everything else remains a mystery. He holds the key to Saya's destiny.

The Chiroptera
Monstrous creatures with sharp claws and rapacious fangs. Mimicking the form of human beings, they live covertly within our society and feed off fresh blood. Their actual number or true nature are unknown, and most people even ignore their existence. It is only up to the mysterious organization Red Shield to hunt them down to extinction.

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Air date in Japan: October 8, 2005 ~ September 26, 2006
Format: 50 x 30'

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