Parappa the Rapper

Let's sing and dance. Everyone's so COOL!

Since its launch as a PlayStation game in 1996, Parappa the Rapper has been a big hit. And in April 2001, it went on air as a TV anime. For the TV series Parappa the Rapper, Rodney Alan Greenblat drew brand new characters that will be appearing one after another in the show.

Parappa is a group of six children - three boys and three girls - who are good friends from Parappa Town. Curious about everything and easy going, Parappa is an extremely upright and hardworking boy. With him as the leader, the group gets involved in incidents taking place in Parappa Town. This is a story full of laughter and adventure, starring a group of boys who are dreamers, and who have a strong sense of justice and never hesitate to go forward, and a group of girls who are trendy, but down to earth and never shy to speak their minds.

TV air in Japan: April 14, 2001 ~ January 11, 2002
Format: 26 x 30'