Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

This one thing is like a wolf.
This thing is a wolf.
Thus it is one to be banished.

A decade after the Great Defeat, our nation finally emerged from the chaos and confusion of occupation rule. In an effort to re-join the world and rebuild the war-ravaged nation, our leaders chose to pursue a policy of aggressive economic growth.
Although these extreme measures proved successful in many respects, it also led to serious social unrest. Massive unemployment and urban migration quickly turned large areas of the cities into slums, and violent crime began to soar. Even more ominous was the rise of armed anti-government groups bent on changing society through force.
The nation's government was left with few options. To avoid a massive intervention by the Self Defense Forces in public order matters, and to dissuade the local police authorities from forming a national police force, the government chose an alternate path.
With its activities limited to the Capital, a new paramilitary force was established under the direct command of the National Security Committee. This was the birth of the Capital Police Organization. Highly mobile and heavily armed, the Capital Police quickly expanded its power and declared itself the guardian of public order.
However, the enemy anti-government forces, facing bans and other legal restrictions, were forced underground as they split up and regrouped. They re-emerged as an urban guerilla group called "The Sect", and the situation changed dramatically. Violent clashes between The Sect and the core Special Unit of the Capital Police turned the city streets into an urban war zone.
This led to a backlash of enraged public opinion. The Special Unit and its enemy, The Sect, became increasingly marginalized as society began to look toward the future and the economic prosperity it promised.
The officers of Special Unit, known as Kerberos for their lugubrious armors and heavy weaponry, fought long and hard as defenders for the nation. But now that they were facing the end of their historic mission, time was about to assign to these guardians of public order a new and final mission.

Release in Japan: June 3, 2000
Format: 1 x 98'

© 1999 Mamoru Oshii/BANDAI VISUAL · Production I.G