Sakura Wars: The Movie

This film is based on the hugely successful Sakura Wars Sega video game franchise which has sold over 2.5 million copies in Japan since its first release in 1996. The plot is based upon the Sakura Wars 3 Sega Dreamcast game and is a fantasy set in the Taisho Era Japan (1912-1926) when western ideas, from technology to fashion, were considered new and trendy and therefore massively introduced in the Archipelago. In Tokyo, behind what seems like a world of brilliance and beauty, there exists a dark realm inhabited by mutating monsters, known as "Koma." The battle against them is entrusted to the hands of the Imperial Fighting Troupe, a secret organization formed to battle the forces of darkness.

Interestingly, all of the members of the Troupe are made up of lovely young maidens (with the exception of its commander) who by day, lead flashy lives of stage actresses as part of the Imperial Theater Company.

Release in Japan: December 22, 2001
Format: 80 minutes

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