Production I.G has been a leader in the animation industry since its inception in 1987, delivering a number of cutting-edge and groundbreaking visual works.

As a team of creators, I strongly believe that our strength resides in the ability of keeping our dreams alive, and pursuing them with all our passion.

This has been our commitment so far, and it won't change in the future.

The works created by our staff with the power of their dreams, outstanding skills and imaginative minds have received accolades and inspired audiences all around the world.

Please look forward for more mind-blowing creations from Production I.G!

George Wada
President & CEO
Production I.G

George Wada: Profile
Born in Hyogo in 1978, Wada joins Production I.G in 2005, where he works as a producer. In 2012 he leaves I.G to establish WIT Studio, a new company within the same IG Port group, performing duties as President & CEO. While retaining his position at WIT Studio, in June 2020 he is appointed Vice President of Production I.G, followed by his promotion to President & CEO in August 2022.