Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Life and death come and go
like marionettes dancing on a table.
Once their strings are cut,
they easily crumble

Batou is a living doll.

His arms, his legs, his whole body are entirely artificial.
What remains of his human past are traces of his brain, and memories of a woman named Motoko.

In a time when the boundary between humans and machines has lost meaning, humans have forgotten they are humans.

This is the story of an "orgy of ghosts" inside a lonesome man who is still striving to retain his humanity.

Life is... innocence.

Nine years after his hugely influential Ghost in the Shell burst onto the international film scene becoming one of the most successful anime films of all time, acclaimed writer/director Mamoru Oshii returns with the long-awaited sequel, Innocence.
The story is set in 2032, when the line between humans and machines has been blurred almost beyond distinction. Humans have forgotten that they are human, and the few who still own an organic body coexist with cyborgs (human spirits inhabiting entirely mechanized bodies) and dolls (robots with no human elements at all).
Detective Batou, an agent for covert anti-terrorist unit Public Safety Section 9, is assigned the case of gynoids -hyper-realistic female robots created specifically for sexual companionship- that have apparently malfunctioned and started slaughtering their owners. In the course of the investigation, Batou and his partner Togusa take on violent Yakuza thugs, devious hackers, government bureaucrats, and corporate criminals to uncover the shocking truth behind the crime.
More than a visually stunning futuristic hard-boiled mystery, Innocence is the story of a solitary cyborg that desperately wants to hold on to what's left of his humanity in a world where the value of the human soul has largely been forgotten.

Innocence is the first Japanese animated feature film to be nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Festival de Cannes.

Release in Japan: March 6, 2004
Format: 1 x 99

© 2004 Shirow Masamune/KODANSHA · IG, ITNDDTD